Why am I running?

I am running because my professional background as a business owner and operations manager provides me with the business acumen to serve on the board. I found a passion for schools after being the Foundation President at my daughters’ elementary school. I led a team of volunteers that raised over $300,000 for enrichment programs, facility improvements, and technology. I want to contribute by providing a collaborative and positive approach to unifying the school board’s decisions.

My priorities as a school board member will include: managing the cost of a quality education to attain a balanced budget; supporting fiscal responsibility to guarantee well-maintained schools; holding the administration accountable for delivering a quality education for all students; providing a safe environment for the social, emotional and physical needs of all students.

If elected, I will actively listen to all points of views within the community. I will learn from the professionals working for the district. I want to be a problem solver by leading the board to make fiscally responsible decisions. I would be honored to serve the students, staff, and PUSD community. I will strive to do my best for my children and yours.

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